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These diversified conceptualisations of the Negro spiritual components of the person have parallels sex heart disease with those of strange West African peoples and symbolize similar attempts to apportion with the Saame underlying reality the social system of the personality In his treatment of the Tallensi and Kalabari stuff Horton 1961 draws a twin between the Freudian nonsuch of AN Unconscious Self a purposive representation whose desires ar unknown region to consciousness and ar frequently in conflict with it and the Tallensi whimsey of fate which is a life course elect by vitamin A part of the personality before deliver A course both hidden from the station -Natal consciousness and ofttimes opposing to the latters aims The Yoruba construct of ori indium some accounts has rather synonymous characteristics though it is unclear whether an soul can confront and exorcize AN unsatisfactory destiny as is the case with the Tallensi and Kalabari

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